U.S. Citizen Released from Bali Prison after Serving Time for Mother’s Murder

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RRI.MY.ID, Jakarta United States citizen Heather Mack on Friday, October 29, was released from the Class IIA Kerobokan Badung womens’ penitentiary after serving her sentence in the murder case against her biological mother that happened in Bali. 

Heather served seven years and two months behind bars after she was eligible for a 34-month prison clemency over good behaviors. 

“Heather is completely free today after receiving general and special clemency. In total, the clemency is worth 34 months,” said Kerobokan penitentiary warden Lili on Friday, October 29.

Prior to her release, Lili said Heather underwent a string of emotions and anxiety ahead of her release, which according to the warden is due to the extended prison time and the fear of facing an early release. 

Heather Lois Mack was sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment after a Bali court found her guilty of assisting her boyfriend, Tommy Schaefer, in murdering her own mother, Sheila Ann Von Wiese, in August 12, 2014. 

According to court documents, Tommy initially pleaded not guilty and claimed to have killed Sheila in self-defense at the St. Regis Hotel in Bali. It is said the murder came after Heather’s mother disapproved of their relationship. Tommy was sentenced to 18 years in prison in 2015. 

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