BRI Life CEO Responds to Alleged Data Breach

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RRI.MY.ID, Jakarta President director of state-insurance service provider BRI Life, Iwan Pasila, on Tuesday responded to the alleged data breach of 2 million insurance users that is believed to be traded online. 

BRI Life is an insurance product offered by state-owned lender Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI).

“We are following up on this issue, we will provide more updates later. Thank you for your attention,” Pasila wrote in a text message on July 27, reported.

Information regarding the alleged major data breach was first leaked today from a Twitter account alleging perpetrators have threatened to sell the sensitive data of 2 million insurance customers. 

The social media account also posted a 30-minute video showing the alleged perpetrators exhibiting 250 GB worth of data they managed to steal which consists of 2 million personal users data and 436,000 documents. 

Reports on the alleged data breach was also reported by another Twitter account of the cybercrime intelligence firm, Hudson Rock (@HRock) which stated:

“We identified multiple compromised employee computers of BRI Life and Bank Rakyat Indonesia which may have helped the hacker obtain an initial access to the company.”

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Sumber : https://en.RRI.MY.ID/read/1488045/bri-life-ceo-responds-to-alleged-data-breach

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